The following tests include the properties of hardened concrete in reputable laboratories of Guilan Province such as technical and soil mechanics laboratory, roads and urban development planning of Guilan Province and the laboratory of Pooyesh Concrete Hooman Kara Company approved by Guilan Province Engineering Organization, and additional studies are planned.


Tests of of Mechanical Properties of Concrete:

1- Compressive strength test

2- Tensile strength test (Brazilian method)

3- Modulus of elasticity determination test

4- Test for determining the performance of concrete in bending

5- Ultrasonic


Concrete Durability Tests:

1- Final water absorption

2- Permeability of concrete under pressure

3- Special electrical resistance

4- Reinforcement corrosion

5- Contraction

Technical report of Aptus Iran Co.




Verification of Technical and Soil mechanics laboratory Co.

Technical report of Pouyesh Houman Kara laboratory.

Consumption results of Iranian concrete manufactures.

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