Effects and Attributes:

  1. Improvement the mechanical properties of concrete (Compressive, Flexural strength)
  2. Effective in reducing reinforcement corrosion and increasing the useful life of concrete structures
  3. Water absorption reduction
  4. Can be added to cement in cement factories, concrete at the project site or in truck mixer
  5. Consumable in concrete with long transport




  1. Improvement the quality of ready-mixed concrete products
  2. Improvement the strength of all types of concrete and prefabricated concrete elements and structures
  3. Different types of workshop concrete parts (Floor Covering, Blocks, New Jersey, etc.)


Dosage of consumption: 150 grams in per cubic meter of concrete (0.04% of the weight of cementitious compounds)


Storage Conditions: Keep away from direct sunlight or rain and use immediately after opening the package.


Suitable Storage Temperature: -10 to +40 °C


Best Consumption life: One year (In the sealed package in above conditions)



Safety tips:


1.It is recommended to wear gloves to consume the product.

2.In contact with eyes should rinse with plenty of water.


  • It is recommended, if special additives are used, the initial tests should be performed before large-scale consumption with the materials of project at the project site.


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