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History and Introduction

Zist Yar Varena Company, one of the knowledge-based companies located in the Science and Technology Park of Guilan province, was founded and started its activity in 2013 to design, introduce and produce the first concrete additive of new generation of smart bio-concrete. After conducting numerous researches and experiments, with cooperation of the technical groups of experts in concrete technology and microbiology, this company has been able to design a new generation of high-technology product, with the name of “CAZYX”, as the first cement reducer additive in construction industry.

Therefore, Zist Yar Varena Company is among the pioneers of introducing bio-concrete at the country and even at the international level, and with considering the uniqueness of the “CAZYX” product, the mission of this company has always been based on a systematic thought, which has been pushing this private firm to a leading garde and with a synergistic approach of knowledge and experience, uniformly and harmoniously.

The Management Strategies

The determination and willing of the senior management of Zist Yar Varena Company is always based on human values and believing in the principle of superior quality, producing an economic and eco-friendly product, based on the customers’ needs that is in accordance with the safe and acceptable margins of construction industry and has always put a principle as the top aim of its activity that a successful sale is not the end of business transactions but it is the beginning of commitment and continuous cooperation.

The manager of the company with taking the modern management system has directed the movement of the group in the direction of continuous improvement of the skill levels and special attention to human resources as the main capital of the company, and this aim is manifested in all current and future activities.

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Our Goals and Vision

Zist Yar Varena Company intends to start a new chapter in smart bio-concrete production by introducing the unique product “CAZYX” at the national and international level with cooperation of its specialists and experts. Also, by continuously identifying the challenges in the field of concrete industry and with the aim of solving these challenges and improving the quality level of related products, it extends its researches and specialized investigations and seeks to provide new suggestions and suitable solutions.

Our goal is to provide some innovative solutions and effective services in science of concrete technology as well as keeping the environment safe and satisfying our respected consumers.

About Us

Zist Yar Varena Company(Private Joint Stock Company) was established in 2014 and has started its activity in the field of production, research and development of modern concrete admixtures in the civil industry and It intends to take steps to improve the quality of concrete and move towards sustainable development by cooperating with the national and international researches and academic centers by using the latest technologies in the world.

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